The access road is quite rocky. We got there when it was dark and we were afraid to get stuck in some sandy hole, but after suffering for a few minutes, we managed to get to a really great place. Important: the Internet does not work there, so you need to get on the promenade situated on the higher ground. I recommend it to all of you who value silence and peace and the lack of crowds. The parking lot is free and offers a view of the ocean. There is also a small bar, and you can take a walk from there to a town called Mazagon. 


Andalusia is a perfect vacation destination which offers something nice for everybody. We love travelling with our RV so we tend to stay overnight in different places. In this section, I will write about Andalusian campsites.

On the map, you are going to find both chargeable and free spots: wild places in Andalusia, where you can safely stay overnight, get water and empty the mobile toilet – please check it out!



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