From afar came the rumble of drums, rhythmically beating out the slow rhythm of the procession. Nowhere else, the proximity of such events made such an impression on me.


In previous years, we've been to a procession in Malaga and Benalmádena, and it's worth seeing something like this because the atmosphere is unique... I think many tourists share our opinion, the numbers speak for themselves - only Seville lost 400 million Euros in 2020 (Read More) due to the cancellation of celebrations ...



Crowds of people watch the brotherhoods and hooded nazarenos (Hermandades de Pasión) moving slowly in candlelight. The smell of burning candles, incense, shouts, bells and chimes, the sound of drums and trumpets - the processions taking place after dark provide the most extraordinary sensations...



Costaleros, members of brotherhoods, carry huge altars, weighing up to several tons, called pasos prepared all year round.



The most distinctive are the Nazarenos, dressed in their habits, looking majestic... On their heads, they wear pointed caps, which are supposed to symbolize salvation. Their costumes and the very tradition of belonging to the brotherhoods are firmly rooted in the culture.


While the costeleros sweatily carried the heavy platforms, in the surrounding tapas bars and restaurants, life went on at a regular rhythm. Will we ever experience this again? ...


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